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Getting the Most out of the Mendeley Citation Manager

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Information on how to access Mendeley and how to install the extensions:

1) Create an account on the Mendeley website: 

  • This will be your main account, which will allow access to everything.

2) Download the desktop app:

  • The desktop app is where you can create your folders, select citation styles for bibliographies, etc.
  • Once you have a bibliography in the desktop app and a Word/Office plug-in you will be able to access your saved articles and insert in-text citations as well as a bibliography in your selected citation style. You can also simply copy and paste the bibliography into a document.

3) Mendeley importer:

  • One-click uploading of citations and articles from PubMed and many other sites/databases.
  • Mendeley Importer can also be downloaded from the Desktop App – Tools.

4) Mendeley Word plugin: installing-andusing-the-word-plugin-in-windows

  • Allows you to create in-text citations and insert a bibliography at the end of a document.
  • Mendeley Word Plugin can also be downloaded from the Desktop App – Tools.

5) Mobile apps:

For more information – Mendeley Tutorials:

About Citation Managers

Ascension Wisconsin Library Services recommends two free citation managers: Mendeley and Zotero.

Both are

  • easy to use
  • feature an extension for automatic upload of citations and pdfs,
  • and allow sharing files.
  • Built-in synchronization across web and mobile platforms allows users access to full text articles in their account, from anywhere.
  • Word extensions make inserting in-text citations and creating a list of references a snap.

Note to students and authors preparing for publication:

Citation managers are not perfect and they are not a substitute for learning how to format a citation.

  • Uploaded citations commonly contain errors, such as improper capitalization of words in title or missing authors’ names, pages, place of publication, or doi.
  • Please always double check and correct your citations.
  • APA templates and information can be found at the Purdue OWL site

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