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Search Tips & Tutorials: LexiComp Drug Info

MyLearning Courses for Lexicomp

In myLearning (Use Internet Explorer), search for :  Lexicomp


At present, Lexicomp web-based trainings include the following :

Drug Calculation Tool  (1:27 min)

Drug Identification Tool (1:27 min)

Drug Interaction Screening Tool (2:50 min)

IV Compatibility Trissel's IV Check (4:10 min)

IV Compatibility King Guide (4:10 min)

Lexicomp - Online Tool Overview  (3:17 min)

LexiComp - Patient Ed. Tool  (3:32 min)

Lexicomp - Toxicology Tool  (2:30 min)

and more ... Please see myLearning for the complete and current list, which also includes longer live and recorded sessions.


If the Leaders want their incumbent staff to take any of the web-based trainings (WBTs), they should provide the course name and course code and instruct their associates to search the MyLearning course catalog and complete the training. 

Find more info on LexiComp

Accessing Lexicomp

Citing Drug Informaition from LexiComp

Announcements and Posters for LexiComp Launch

Feel free to print and post these posters at your local sites around Ministry Health Care :

Lexicomp Expert Users

Questions about Lexicomp?

Contact one of our MHC Lexicomp Expert Users in Pharmacy :

Denae Bachmeier

Justin Guthman

Kurt Henn

Amy Konop

Robert Middleton

Nick Sylvia

Download the LexiComp Mobile App

You will need to login to Lexicomp Online from a network connected device for an access code. 

Select the Lexicomp link from your local Ascension Wisconsin  Intranet  (or other access point such as EHR, or Library pages) and click the Mobile Access Codes button in the lower right hand column.   Follow the on-screen instructions.  

Once installed, the LexiComp Mobile app :

  • Has an unlimited number of users for Ascension acute care hospital associates
  • Does not require Internet access
  • Can be used whenever and wherever needed

Lexicomp® Online and Lexicomp® Mobile Apps made available by Wolters-Kluwer.

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