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Search Tips & Tutorials: EBMCalc

Accessing EBMcalc

EBMcalc is an added resource available in the Library database, STATRef. Click the logo above.

Then you can enter keywords in the search box:
  Example: body mass 

Or click on one of the options listed in the left column:
   Example: Equations

What is EBMcalc?

EBMcalc is an evidence-based decision support tool that is part of STAT!Ref.  New equations and calculations are added throughout the year.



  • Unit & Dose Converter
  • Math Calculator
  • Equations (i.e. BMI Body Mass Index)
  • Clinical Criteria (i.e. Activity Score for Nursing Home Patients)
  • Decision Tree (i.e.Diabetes Screening)
  • Specialty Pages (i.e. Nursing – Apgar Score, Pharmacology - Weight Based Dosage Calculator)
  • Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

MedCalc Tutorial

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