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Radiologic Technology: Getting to the Full-text

Under Construction

This page is in the process of being updated for Ascension Wisconsin.  Most items are written / demo-ed with Ministry Health Care in mind.

Rest assures, we are making efforts to standardize this content statewide.  

Useful Links

Request a Journal Article

If the articles you need are not available through the A-Z Journals List, we can usually borrow  from another library through Inter-Library Loan.

All you have to do is ask ...

Looking for a Specific Article?

If you are looking for a specific article, you can use a tool like the PubMed Single Citation Matcher.

Citation Matchers are useful tools that help locate individual journal articles based upon the information contained within its citation.  These tools let you search for one or more of the following basic elements to find a specific article:
  • Author name
  • Title words
  • Journal name
  • Year or Date of publication
  • Volume, Issue, or Page #
Note that not all journals are covered by these citation finders.

Alternately, searching under the Journal tab from this LibGuide will identify whether or not the Ministry Libraries own a particular journal and will provide a link, if the journal is available electronically. This search does not locate individual articles within a given journal, but once you've accessed the journal electronically, you can navigate to the year, volume, issue and page number of the article you are seeking.

Looking for articles on a specific topic?

If you are looking for articles on a specific topic, go to the library's Databases by Subject  page to find an appropriate database for your subject. If you need help deciding which databases would be most useful to your query, please contact one of your Librarians.

Contact Your Librarian : MM

Need Assistance? We are happy to help! Please contact Your Librarian :


Michele Matucheski, MLIS, AHIP
Medical Librarian
(920) 223-0340

Note: Working from home during the Pandemic.  Email is the best option to reach me now.


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