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Nursing Point-of-Care Tools: Patient Ed. in Other Languages

Just-in-time tools and links for Nurses in direct patient care.

Patient Education and Consumer Health

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The purpose of this Guide is to provide quick access to some of the best patient education sources currently available. 

These are some of the best and most reliable sources for patient handouts, as reviewed by medical Librarians. 

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Nursing Reference Center - Patient Ed in Other Languages

Patient Education in Other Languages via Access Medicine

Once in Access Medicine, click on the Patient Education Tab.

The default language is English.  Click on the down-arrow to see the other options, including Chinese,French, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.  

Not every patient education handout will be available in all languages listed. 

Patient Education in Other Languages via Clinical Key

In Clinical Key Patient Education, click on the Available Languages Tab {See below].


  • In this case, there are currently 119 handouts in Arabic via Clinical Key, with other languages also available.
  • Alternatively, available languages are listed below each handout, with English and Spanish being the most widely available.
  • Not every Clinical Key Patient Handout is available in other languages, but the list is growing ... 

LexiComp - Patient Education in Other Languages


In LexiComp, click on the Patient Education Tab [highlighted in yellow above].

Enter keywords to search for the desired patient ed handout.


In the left side, you'll see a Language option. 

English is the default.   Click the down arrow to see other languages available.

Not every handout is available in every language.  

You can also choose to print an English-language copy of non-English leaflets, which can be helpful for the caregiver to know what was covered.  


Natural Medicines - Patient Handouts

Natural Medicines includes patient handouts that can be distributed at the point-of-care.

When available, you will see links to consumer friendly information in English, Spanish, or French.

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