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Librarians' Corner: eTOC Service - How-to-Do-It Manual for AscWi Librarians

This Guide is filled with tools to make the lives of Ascension Wisconsin Library Staff easier.

eTOC Links


1) Medical - 2) Clinical - 3) Leadership



Helpful Forms and Checklists :


eTOCs ScreenCast Videos

These videos will help explain to LIBRARY Staff how the eTOC service works under-the-hood, so to speak.  These videos serve as the procedure manual for keeping the service running, and to communicate how that happens to our Library Services Team.   Ask Michele M. if you have questions.

OLD - These are all in reference to the old OUTLOOK version, which has since been replaced by Google / Gmail. 

But it does give you an idea of the maintenance involved.  Leave these here until I have a chance to set up equivalents for Gmail.

Screencast VIDEOS

eTOC - Daily Upkeep - Outlook email box ( Add NEJM, JAMA)

eTOC - Adding New Names to an Existing eTOC Outlook Email Group

eTOC - Creating a NEW Outlook Email Group for a NEW eJournal

eTOC - Deleting eTOC Subscriptions (individual Journals)

Screenshot Tutorials on eTOCs

These are Oldies but Goodies. The basic process in Ebsco hasn't changed much through the years.

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