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Librarians' Corner: HSL Strategic Planning

This Guide is filled with tools to make the lives of Ascension Wisconsin Library Staff easier.

Road Maps - Where we are and Where we need to go ...


Yet to Do / In Progress Done  



Uniform Stats (Monthly Reports) - in progress

Build more LibGuides / web pages

Transfer LibGuides pages from MHC

Ebsco Books

Library Home Page (Combined)




1-800 #

Lit Search Evals and Annual Report

EOSi Catalog

Ebsco Journals


CONTRACTS in Progress CONTRACTS - Done  





Clinical Key





Ebsco Journals




PR Channels & Outlets : 

Articles posted to Blog act as a repository and can be shared to wider audiences / email groups

     Nursing Connection Newsletter (Send submissions to Carlene Enama)

     CNO Report (Library is included in Jill Berg's report for Clinical Education.  Submit through Kellee)

     Physician & Provider Newsletters  - What are they?

Live Meetings

Skype Meetings

SnagIt Videos


Lit Search Evaluations and Resulting Report



Partners and Advocates

       Clinical Nurse Educators / Professional Development Specialists

       Organizational Development Specialists

email Groups (List the email Groups)

    Nurse Leaders

    Patient Care Leaders

    Physicians & Providers

Embedded Librarian email tagline and article about how to use us

FAQs about specifics in each Library 



Connections & Partnerships

Current Partnerships / Projects


Clinical Education / EBP Training for RN Residents 

The Resource Group - Evaluation and Selection of Medical and Nursing Point-of-Care Tools

The Resource Group - Library-Friendly Contract Language

The Learning Council (Kellee)

Patient Experience

Human Trafficking - Emily Anderson of SSM


Nursing Point-of-Care Rollout and Support - Clinical Education

EBP for everyone! with an RN Leader

Ascension IT - Library-Friendly Contract Language

Nurse Practice Councils / Nursing Standards - Zeb Koran

Cerner EHR Rollout?

Medical Staff Services

Who else should we be working with, and on what projects?

National Library Week / Medical Librarian's Month



PICO Displays

Poster Displays - Nursing

Collaboration Space

"Hoteling" Space - home-away-from-home office space

Library Strategic Planning Agenda

October 19, 2017 - Face-to-Face Meeting in Milwaukee

1) Reflection

2) Staff Updates - EKV - MPG - MM - KS

3) Renewals (Ovid, Wiley, Ebsco, Single SignOn, etc.)

4) Collection Development - Mary Pat

4) Library Strategic Planning

     Where are we?

     Where do we want to go?

     How will we get there?

5) Library Mission Haiku

6) Combining Resources, Combining Forces (Article) PMID 25552945

7) Medical Librarian Job Descriptions

8) Partnering on high-level strategic initiatives

9) Marketing Library Services

10) Library Advisory Board 

Mission and Strategy

Our Mission Haiku

Ascension Wisconsin Library Services : The Best Evidence for Informed Health Decisions.

Sample Strategic Planning Documents

Ours should tie into Ascension Wisconsin's mission, vision, and values ...

A Road Map?

HSL Librarian Job Descriptions

Marketing Library Services

The Marketing Channels

Our Goals?

What Messages? What Audience? How often?

What else can we be doing?

Are we making an impact?

Training Initiatives

Evidence-based Practice Training for RN Residents

Information Literacy Training / LibGuide - Basics

Higher Level Searching / LibGuide

"Seminars" - 15-20 minute (or shorter) video/live Sessions on various databases,

      Intro to Library Services, eTOCs, PubMed, Clinical Key, POC Tools, whatever ...

Can we integrate these into the LMS? So people get credit for viewing?

Growing LibGuides - Topics? Partners?

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