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AMG Clinical Practice Resources: Rooming Process

Welcome to the Essentials of the Rooming Process

Welcome to the AMG Clinical Education Rooming Process page.  The rooming process is the first face-to-face contact opportunity you will have with your patient.  It is important to quickly develop a good rapport with your patient to facilitate a relationship of trust and understanding.  AIDET is the recommended tool that should be utilized when greeting and rooming your patient. Your patient should feel welcomed and, more importantly, "heard" while being roomed.  During the first few moments of your interaction, your patient will explain the reason for their visit and any medical concerns or complaints.  Some  medical issues or complaints can be sensitive and may even be embarrassing for your patient. In these circumstances, the comfort level of the patient will determine how much of this information they will be willing to share with you and will influence their perception of the visit.

Upon the end of the visit, the discharge process will be the final face to face contact your patient will have with you and the clinic.  It may ultimately determine whether or not the patient perceives their visit to be a good experience.  It is imperative to ensure the all of your patients' questions were answered and to thank them for choosing Ascension for their health care decisions.

On this page you will find:

  • The Essential Elements of the Rooming process video
  • The Rooming process checklist 
  • The Rooming Process Audit Tool
  • Tobacco Screening and Documentation information
  • Depression Screening and PHQ-9 documentation information
  • PDMP Guidelines and Documentation information 


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