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AMG Clinical Practice Resources: Competencies

Competency Information

Welcome to the AMG Clinical Education Competency page.  As an organization, AMG Wisconsin is requiring all clinical staff to have competency forms completed and placed in their employment file for all skills they will be performing in clinic.
Here is the Competency Based Orientation Tool (CBO TOOL): CBO Tool(hover over the CBO TOOL to see link/print)


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What's New: Clinical Competency

Why are we, as an organization, concerned about your competence?

Ascension Medical Group understands the need to evaluate the competency of all associates. Big changes happening in the healthcare industry continue to sharpen the focus on competency assessment programs. As Ascension gets even more serious about delivering patient-centered, value-based care, associates are facing new responsibilities and learning requirements. You must attain higher levels of education and competency in order to meet challenging clinical care and organizational goals.

What is clinical competency?

Clinical competency is the application and demonstration of appropriate knowledge, skills, and behaviors in a clinical setting. Competency is all-encompassing and more than just taking a course, passing a test, or completing a technical checklist. It is how you process and act on information and guarantees that you can consistently demonstrate desired behaviors whatever the situation. Methods of validation are used to substantiate the multiple facets of any competency. Your clinic is required to not only determine the level of competency, but to document how it was verified.

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Resources - Looking for more on competency development?


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